Updating a Timber Bar with Original Pattern Pressed Metal

 In Pressed Metal for Walls and Ceilings

Period Details was contacted by the Stamford Hotel to update the timber bars in their Winston and McArthur function rooms.

Liking a challenge they came up with a solution.


Step 1:

Removal of the existing timber trims, corbells, skirting, and moldings from both bars.
















Step 2:

Installation of cement sheeting to make the surface level.

Step 3:

Supply and Fit of custom made Timber Skirting Board (simple square set design with a slight angle back at the top) and Timber capping for the top of sheets – made in Kiln Dried Hardwood.

As the bars are a in a high traffic area the skirting board needed to be robust and able to stand up to constant cleaning and wear and tear.

Utilising capping at the top of the panels meant that the full height of each panel could be used (approximately 1840mm) and saved on material costs.

Step 4:

To protect the corners of the panels double aluminium wallboard capping was used.

Step 5:

Installation of Original pattern Pressed Metal Panels.

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