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Available Options

Carnivale available in 6ft x 2ft (1830 x 610mm)  $109 and 6ft x 3ft (1830 x 915mm) $129 panels.  (Ask for our special price on order of 6+ panels).   This pattern is great for dado's, kitchen splashbacks and feature walls.

Panel Size:  6ft x 2ft (1837 x 620mm, coverage 1830 x 610mm) and 6ft x 3ft 9(1837 x 925mm, coverage 1830 x 915mm)

Pattern Repeat:  152 x 152mm (approximately)

The Carnivale panel features a wonderful square and circle design with a small floral element.  It is a great option or kitchen splashbacks and would suit a modern or period home. The Carnivale panel is suitable for a wide range of wall or ceiling installations and can be painted or powder coated in a myriad of colours.  Suggested usage includes: ceilings, feature walls, kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms, counter fronts and many more.

Panel Specifications:
-The panels are made from a specialized, mill grade aluminium that is approximately 0.55mm thick.
-All of our panels are treated with a non-chromate treatment which prepares the surface for subsequent priming and painting or powder coating.
-Painting or powder coating is recommended as without it panels are porous and surface scratches may be present as a result of the manufacturing process.


We recommend powdercoating sheets for use as a Kitchen Splashback.  Powdercoated sheets can be easily wiped clean with a micro-fibre cleaning cloth or warm soapy water. 

We powdercoat with colours from the Duralloy, Alphatec, Precious and Electro Range.  

To select a colour go to the appropriate Dulux Residential Powdercoat  range:

link to Dulux duralloy colours

link to Dulux Precious colours

link to Dulux electro colours


Download installation Guides:

link to installation guides

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