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Your kitchen is meant to be the heart of the home but do you avoid going in there?

Are the tiles in your kitchen screaming out for attention.  Are they looking tired and dated?  Maybe they are chipped and stained?

Was the taste of the previous owner over the top?

Has your taste evolved and what was once a statement is now just ugly?

You could remove your existing tiles and risk damaging your cupboards and bench-top or just clad straight over the top of them with Pressed Metal.

What to do?

  1. Measure the splashback :  Length and Height
  2. Calculate how many panels are required (If you are unsure email through photos and measurements of your existing splashback to Period Details and they will help in calculating how many panels you need and if any capping for exposed edges is required)
  3. Choose a Dulux Powdercoat colour
  4. Order your panels from Period Details.
  5. Clean your tiles with Gumption (it’s also fantastic for cleaning stainless steel sinks).   You can purchase this from Coles, Woolworths and Bunnings.   It will be with the cleaning products and one small tub lasts a long time.
  6. Start by centering your first panel at your cooktop (this is the visual center for your kitchen splashback) and then work your way around the room (left to right).   Click here for installation instructions.
  7. Wipe down the benchtops and make sure they are clean of any dust.
  8. Caulk with silicone where the panels meet the benchtop, under cupboards and walls.  Also available from Period Details with many colours to choose from.
  9. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
  10. Not that handy?  Period Details installs through the Melbourne Metro area and some Country areas.

The powdercoated panels are easy to clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Period Details has an large range of Pressed Metal Panels made here in Australia by Pressed Tin Panels.   Panels are in a large format size of 1830 x 915mm or 1830 x 610mm.

All of Period Details Pressed Metal Panels can be powdercoated in Dulux Powders making them easy to wipe over and keep clean.


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